Azulejos and Birds and …

Many years ago when I lived in Ansedonia, my dear friend Anna Costantini had bought some magnificent white open-embroidered curtains with fascinating designs. I became totally hooked on every detail and began obsessively drawing those birds, grapes and all the external friezes, which I then transferred onto canvas and finally wood panels. I was soon dissatisfied with ‘normal’ frames and began using a jig-saw to cut elaborate frames onto each panel based on themes of the curtain.
At first I used more or less realistic colors, but after a trip to Portugal I was struck by the extreme versatility of the magnificent azulejos which succeeded in expressing everything and anything in blue and white: from a Last Judgment to a naval battle. For many months I lived a blue passion: everything became blue: the castel at Vulci, birds, olive trees.
This was a particularly happy period of my life.

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MEANDERINGS are winding paths that our minds traverse throughout our entire lives. They bear the imprint of the various images, visions and sensations that make up our daily perceptions. Sometimes they reflect actual life: houses we have lived in, cities or countries we have fleetingly visited, people or places that have struck our imagination.

MEANDERINGS are also abstract signs, part of our inner life: recurrent themes that obsess us. They belong to Everyman/Everywoman, although they often remain sealed within us because we are unable to transmit them to others. Yet, at times when we are in a state of grace, a form of expression lie, for instance, painting becomes a vehicle for communication.

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